Years of experience.
Constantly curious.

PR-advisor, lecturer, digital strategist and author.

fredrik pallin

The book that helps companies succeed with social media

With this book, I want to inspire you to explore what an active presence on social media can do for your company or organization. The book provides hands-on tips and ideas on how you can use social media for opinion-making, business intelligence, internal communication, recruitment, sales, customer relations, PR campaigns – even as a marketplace.

I have worked with PR and digital media for over 20 years and have over the years been a consultant, agency CEO / founder, PR manager and press secretary.
I have worked with a variety of industries and clients on both small and large assignments. See my entire CV on 

Hire me if you…

  • want to find new ways to reach your target audiences
  • need to strengthen your PR efforts
  • want to make better use of social media
  • need support in an ongoing crisis
  • need to develop employees’ communication and social media skills
  • are launching a new product or service
  • need to strengthen or staff up your communications team
  • or if your organization face any other communications challenge where you need support


I have worked with PR and communication for over 20 years and as a consultant for almost 15 years. During my years as a consultant, I have worked with a variety of industries and companies – from start-ups to multinational companies. I love the variety of my consulting assignments and I am convinced that experience from different industries is enriching.