About me

I have worked professionally with PR since 1995. I help both B2B and B2C companies with advice, strategy and implementation of communication initiatives – both in traditional and digital media.

My long experience and my curiosity about the future is my strength. I have worked with PR and digital media since the mid-90s and constantly re-evaluate how to reach your target groups in a relevant way. I constantly have my ear to the rails and am constantly looking for new insights. One thing is for sure in my industry – development never stands still – and neither do I.

My professional experience


Press secretary at YES to Europe

I opened my eyes to PR and opinion making when I joined the YES to Europe campaign for the referendum on Sweden’s EU membership. In the final stages of the campaign, I worked as a press secretary.

Press secretary for the IT Generation

When the IT train came running, I did the PR work on a tour of Swedish schools with the IT Generation project. We informed teachers and students about the Internet and CD-ROM. This was in 1995 and few had been online at the time.

PR consultant at Rikta Kommunikation

My PR interest continued and I joined Rikta Kommunikation as a consultant. I also was involved in starting a digital branch of the agency, Spider Relations.

PR Manager at Spray

At the height of the Dotcom era, I was PR Manager at Sweden’s hottest Internet startup; Spray. We offered a web portal, email service, online dating, online magazines, broadband and telephony services. We were constantly in the hot air and launched new services every week.

CEO and founder of Mahir PR

After a couple of years at Spray, I saw an opportunity to help businesses understand the new digital logic and communicate in new ways. We started the agency Mahir PR, which we ran for seven years with a staff of up to 14.

Senior consultant at Springtime

Mahir then joined forces with Springtime, where I worked for four years as a senior consultant and responsible for the agency’s social media practise.

CEO of Pallinovativ AB

Now I run my own consulting business Pallinovativ AB, working as a lecturer, advisor and project manager in PR and digital communication for a number of clients. I also run a PR community, an independent network of experienced consultants – some of them housed in my Office Collective at Kungsholmen in central Stockholm.